Welcome to the Genetic Disorder Research Project Wiki Site


  • Students will research information about a genetic disorder. Students will share what they have learned about this disorder on this wiki Website.
  • Students will develop discussion questions that classmates will respond to to show they have learned about each disorder.
  • Students will respond to eachother's discussion pages to show that they have read and understand what they have learned about each disorder.

Dates to Remember:

5/7: Intro. to project and initial research, get into groups, choose genetic disorder
5/8: Computer lab research
5/9: Library research (if needed) and computer lab research, begin wiki page if ready
5/14: Computer lab working on wikis and discussion questions
5/15: Computer lab working on wikis and discussion questions
5/16, 5/18, 5/21: (In Computer Class) Explore other wiki pages and respond to discussion questions.

Wiki Requirements:

  • Description of Disorder: what causes the disorder, typical symptoms, history of the disorder, who does it affect, etc
  • Effects: What are the effects of having the disorder, how does it change the person’s life, etc.
  • Treatment/Prognosis: How is the disorder treated, is it curable, manageable, or does it cause premature death, how is it passed on
  • Work Cited: Where did you get your information (must include a minimum of 3 websites. You may not use Wikipedia.com. All sites need to be cited in proper format).
  • Discussion Questions (2-4): Do your discussion questions show understanding of the disorder? Are your questions interesting and thought-provoking?
  • Discussion Responses: Did you take the time to read other people’s Wiki pages? Are your discussion responses correct, thoughtful, and thorough?

How you will be graded:

Description of the disorder
20 points
Effects of the disorder
20 points
Treatment of the disorder/Prognosis medical advances/new info.
20 points
10 points
Works Cited
5 points
Discussion Questions
5 points
Discussion Responses
5 points
5 points
Effective Use of Class Time
10 points

List of Disorders:

You may choose one genetic disorder from this list or one that you have found on your own. However, no two groups can do the same genetic disorder. You MUST have my approval before starting this project!
Cleft lip/palate
Club Foot
Menke’s Syndrome
Beckwith-Wiedman Syndrome
Marfan Syndrome
Aarskog Syndrome
Klinefelter Syndrome
Aspergers Syndrome
Lou-Gerhig Disease
Noonan Syndrome
Color Blindness
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Cri du Chet Syndrome
Parkinson’s Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Cystic Fibrosis
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Downs Syndrome
Muscular Dystrophy
Rett Syndrome
Edward’s Syndrome – Trisomy 18
Sickle-cell anemia
Ehler-Danlos Syndrome
Spina Bifida
Fragile X Syndrome
Tourette Syndrome
Turner Syndrome
Huntington’s Disease
Williams Syndrome
Sickle-Cell Disease